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Congregation Resources

Finance and Administration

Churches are communities of faith, but also nonprofit corporations that have responsibilities to accurately and ethically handle property and finances. “Human Resources” is both a pool of volunteers and an administrative responsibility. These resources are to help congregations fulfill their responsibilities in both accountability and care for the community.

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Stewardship and Offerings

Policies and Best Practices

Government Forms and Policy

UCC Ministry Partners

Faith Formation

Everything we do teaches something. Often it is our explicit words and sometimes it is what we don’t say but everything we do teaches something. Sometimes it is our service to others. Sometimes it is the words we use to speak of people and of God. Intentionality is important as we share our and shape our faith. 

Open & Affirming

“Open and Affirming” is a phrase we use to celebrate and announce our congregations that welcome all people, regardless of sexual identity and gender expression. 

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