Logo of Southern California Nevada Conference, United Church of Christ

Pacific Islander & Asian American Ministries

In 1975, Pacifica Islander & Asian American Ministries (PAAM) was voted into existence by the 10th General Synod as a recognized Special Interest Group within the UCC.

The 17th General Synod (1989) adopted the pronouncement, “A United Church of Christ ministry with Pacific Islanders & Asian Americans” and 18th General Synod (1991) designated every last Sunday of April as PAAM Sunday for all UCC churches to recognize and celebrate the gifts and contributions of Pacific Islanders & Asian Americans in the life of the UCC.

​PAAM has initiated, sponsored, supported and participated in many activities on local church, regional, national, and ecumenical levels. We have worked for greater Pacific Islander Asian American representation on the national and conference boards and staff positions. As an advocate for human rights in Asian and Pacific Island countries, PAAM has questioned the role of our church and nation in these countries. PAAM continues to address institutional racism within the church and society. PAAM is also concerned with strengthening local churches, as well as nurturing and developing clergy, lay leaders, and youth.

​Here in Southern California-Nevada, we have a special place as a crossroads of one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the world. We welcome you to join us in our faith journey, across the Pacific, through Southern California, Southern Nevada and beyond!