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Covenanting Committee on Ministry

Grounded in the covenantal relationships and commitments of the United Church of Christ, Associations of the Southern California Nevada Conference have covenanted with one another to collaboratively to provide support, oversight, and accountability for Ministers and Local Churches.


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The Team for Ministerial Formation and Authorization works with individuals (and their congregations) discerning a call to Authorized Ministry in the United Church of Christ and with ecumenical partners seeking a form of Ministerial Standing in the United Church of Christ.

The processes assigned to this team include the Member in Discernment Process and Privilege of Call Process, as well as the processes for those seeking Dual Standing, Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing.  For more information on becoming a pastor in the UCC, click here.

The Team for Ministerial Support and Oversight works directly with Authorized Ministers through relationship building and processes of supportive oversight to facilitate health, wellbeing, preparedness, and professionalism among Authorized Ministers. 

The processes assigned to this team include Transfer of Standing, Periodic Vocational Discernment meetings and Situational Support Consultations, as well as setting and maintaining records regarding Standing Requirements (ex. Boundary Training and continuing education) and Annual Information Reviews. 

This team is also responsible for reviewing an Authorized Minister’s 3- or 4- way covenant, working with an Authorized Minster seeking Endorsement, and engaging in discernment meetings with a Minister seeking a change to their Standing due to life circumstances, such as occurs when seeking a Leave of Absence or change to Exempt Standing. The team will support Licensed Ministers and Commissioned Ministers whose form of authorization continues as a legacy form of Authorization for the duration of their current call.

The Team for Local Church Support and Accountability works directly with lay leaders of Local Churches in the Association through relationship building and processes of support to facilitate health and wellbeing in congregations. The processes assigned to this team include maintaining connection to Local Church leaders, encouraging the implementation of practices found within a Sure Foundation and the Manual on Church (forthcoming). This team also supports congregations through the process of joining the UCC.

The Team for Ministerial Ethics and Accountability works with Authorized Ministers and Local Churches when questions or concerns are raised regarding an Authorized Minister’s behavior. This Team follows the Fitness Review Process to determine if the Authorized Minister has violated the Ministerial Code (the ethical code for those who have Standing in the UCC) and what support and accountability is needed as a result.

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