About Us

The Southern California Nevada Conference is a body of over 130 congregations, and just one part of a larger Church known as the

United Church of Christ. 

These local congregations reflect our society's racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity. Worship services are conducted in a variety of styles and in seven or more languages every Sunday morning. Beyond these diversities, we are an accessible and inclusive community, committed to incorporating the gifts of all God's people.



Includes congregations north of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Includes congregations in the Greater

Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Includes congregations south of Riverside County, and from the south end of Orange County to  San Diego.

Associations are geographic cooperatives of local congregations, working together to empower each other's ministry. Associations celebrate milestones, provide accountability,  and help develop new leaders for the future of the Church.

We support our pastors with a "Coaching" model, where peers are trained to listen, guide, and equip. This is one of the many ways we are true partners as a conference. 

Global Ministry, Justice Advocacy, and other ministries call us to reach beyond our own geography. We are part of a Church body that spans our nation and serves the world.


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P.O. Box 1254
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233 Harrison Avenue
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