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UCC Disabilities Ministry – Board Nominations Invited

United Church of Christ Disabilities Ministries

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Cleveland, OH 44115

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The UCC Disabilities Ministries Board (UCCDM) is pleased to announce that we are searching for applicants to fill three positions on our Board of Directors. The application form is attached below. The deadline for all submissions is November 30, 2021.


“The mission of UCCDM is to support all settings of the United Church of Christ, hereafter UCC, including but not limited to local congregations, associations, conferences, camps, Historically Underrepresented Groups(HUGs), and national settings, as they seek to recognize and provide access to people with disabilities in all aspects of the church’s life and ministry. The scope of this mission will include but not be limited to:

Affirming and claiming as its own the commitments of the UCC to be a multiracial, multicultural, open and affirming, just peace, and accessible to all ministry, recognizing that people with disabilities have a multitude of other identities, and that all justice movements are interconnected.

Encouraging all settings of the wider church to be physically, socially, and virtually accessible to and welcoming of people with disabilities.

Encouraging and providing guidance to UCC settings as they work to become Accessible to All (hereafter A2A), and supporting them as they sustain their commitment.

Participating in denominational and ecumenical conversations related to disabilities and working with the UCC national setting and community partners to promote disability justice through an intersectional framework.”

From UCCDM By-Laws 2021

In the interest of inclusion and diversity, the Board strongly encourages members and affiliates of UCC Historically Underrepresented Groups (HUGS) to apply.


The UCCDM is a working Board with several sub-committees: Advocacy and Education, Accessible to All, Finance Committee, the Theology Working Group, the Widening the Welcome Committee, the Conference Inclusion Team Committee and the Executive Committee.

We, particularly, seek people with accounting/bookkeeping skills, administrative skills, experience in writing/journalism, art/graphics, and familiarity with computers/Google and social media.


1. Candidates must be people who live with disabilities, caregivers or family of people with disabilities or people who work in the disability field.

2. Candidates must be able to work approximately ten hours per month, including monthly Board meetings.

3. Candidates must be able to attend an annual, in-person, 2-3 day, Board meeting (at Board expense).

4. Candidates Must be willing to attend bi-annual Widening the Welcome events (at Board expense).

5. Candidate will be required to serve at least one 3-year term and no more than two 3-year consecutive terms.

For more information on our work and programs, please visit our Website at UCCDM.org.

Please use the link below to access the application form.