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Young Adults
Young Adults Retreat Weekend January 2-4, 2009

In cooperation with Pilgrim Pines Camp and Conference Center we are supporting a terrific new “Young Adults Weekend” open to anyone within the Southern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ between the ages of 18 and 25 to be held here on the mountain January 2-4, 2009.

The purpose of this retreat is our way to help keep the special young adult population in our SCNCUCC congregations involved in the ministry of their churches and Pilgrim Pines.   The Retreat will be devoted to Progressive Christianity, Social Justice, and Environmental Stewardship.  It will be a time for you, our young adults, to escape the hustle and bustle of the world and rejuvenate yourselves with the beauty and ministry that the mountain brings to so many. 

We will be announcing a very special retreat leader, by December 15th, who will be guiding our special time on the mountain.  In addition we will be spending some time hiking and making use of our new high and low ropes course and the climbing wall and zip line plus enjoying the great food.

Pilgrim Pines has proposed a special pricing structure for this retreat: They are asking each participant to pay 1/3 ($40) of the $120 cost as a registration fee.   Pilgrim Pines will provide a scholarship of at least $40 for each participant, another 1/3.  We are asking the young adults to approach your local churches and request a $40 scholarship for the remaining 1/3 of their cost. 

The ministers and churches of the Conference have been notified and are expecting/wanting/ waiting to hear from you. You simply need to go to your church and ask. OK, perhaps you'll need to visit the church after the retreat to report back to the congregation on your experience.

You can download the Registration and Information for the Young Adult Retreat. If you have any questions, call the Conference Office or Pilgrim Pines (909-797-1821). See you on the Moutain!

UCC Young Adults Website  

Contact The Conference Office to be added to the online young adult e-mail list for more information about upcoming young adult events.

- At General Synod 2003 (the national meeting of the UCC) there was a young adult resolution passed.  The resolution passed with ease and without much discussion.  The quick passage of the resolution and the fact that most who wanted to speak to support the resolution were not given the chance to speak left many young adults who were there feeling disheartened and marginalized. 

Resolutions passed at General Synod speak "to and not for" conferences, associations, and local churches of the UCC.  That means the resolution recommends action to these various settings of the church.  If you want to see action actually happen, then you need to get involved!  Communicate to the various settings of the church-local, association, conference, and national-just how important this resolution is and what you'd like to see happen as a result. (note: This paragraph was taken from the YAMN Newsletter, Fall 2003)

Here is the text from the Young Adults Resolution at General Synod 2003:


WHEREAS, historically and currently, young adults have been called to and have provided significant leadership in the growth and shaping of the church, and

WHEREAS, many young adults have been nurtured and strengthened through strong youth ministries and are seeking ways to serve the church faithfully, and

WHEREAS, a gap exists between youth and young adult ministries in that ministries with youth are stronger, better established, and have better financial support than young adult programming, and

WHEREAS, many young adults are now expressing a feeling of disconnection from the church and each other, and

WHEREAS, the United Church of Christ acknowledges and proclaims that Young Adult Ministries is not merely a branch or an outreach of the church, but is an essential, driving life force that is in serious need of direction, resources, time, and energy in all settings of the United Church of Christ, in order to avoid stagnation and to be faithful to the claims of the gospel to go into all the world.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the body of this General Synod of the United Church of Christ reaffirms its dedication to the development and support of young adult leadership and opportunities for spiritual growth;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that steps be taken, including the development of a national young adult event specifically for the United Church of Christ, to extend leadership opportunities to young adults and to further promote the building of today and tomorrow's leaders;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that local churches are encouraged to develop Young Adult Ministry programs including, but not limited to, maintaining contact with young adults who are in college, seminary or serving in the armed forces, and establishing relationships and ministering with young adults in the community, especially if they are located within or near a college community. Such programs may include providing transportation to church, providing opportunities for community service, or a place to explore meaningful questions about their faith and life in an encouraging and nurturing environment.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that conferences and/or associations are encouraged to establish councils or other bodies to plan and implement programming for young adults, provide support for developing and nurturing programs within the conference or association, and to serve as a liaison between the national, conference, and local settings of the church.

FINALLY BE IT RESOLVED that the national setting of the United Church of Christ evaluate staffing patterns, provision of resources, and development of models, programs and resources to provide for the strengthening of ministry with young adults, recognizing their distinct and varied needs and gifts within the church.

Implementing bodies include all settings of the United Church of Christ (local churches, agencies, and ministries; Associations and Conferences; and national offices) with the primary responsibility placed with Local Church Ministries in consultation with the Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries. Subject to the availability of funds.


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