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The Cry of the Earth

Listen. Bear witness. Mourn. Reach out to God.

Love Makes a Family

Love: The Rhythm of Belonging

Green Faithfulness

Living Green: Expression of Faith

Praying at the White House

The power of symbolic action: we will not stop praying

Broken Hearted

Honoring a broken heart – Poetry by Terry LePage

Good Friday: Shame and Worth

Revisiting the Good Friday Story

Water Conservation: Honoring a Sacred Gift

Protecting water, the gift of life

A Present-Day Epiphany Story

A young child’s search for God; a woman’s discoveries

God’s Longings: An Examination of Micah 6:8

Examining Micah 6:8: Words Matter.

The Gift of Friends in Guatemala

In the first in a series of perspectives on a Irvine UCC trip to Guatemala, Terry LePage shares the many gifts of friendships formed there.