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Hands On

Meals for the Hungry: University City United Church Answers the Call

Sensing the Nativity

Reaching out to touch and take the Nativity of our Lord to ourselves

General Synod, Six Months Out

Sally Buffington reflects on General Synod 29’s continuing impact on her life.

Wearing Our Banners

Connecting Voices commissioned several General Synod 29 attendees to write about their most memorable moments there. Here is “Wearing Our Banners” by Sally Buffington.

5th Annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast

Celebrating the memory and legacy of Harvey Milk and the rights of all in the human community.

Synod is for YOU!

A letter from Sally Buffington, Synod 29 Delegate from University City UCC, San Diego, CA.

U can Unite with the United Church of Christ

Sally Buffington presents the “UCC Buffet” that is General Synod – There’s something for everyone!

Imagine The Possibilities

Worship, workshops, speakers, sacred dance, children playing in the sand – and cookies, lots and lots of cookies. Imagine the possibilities!