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Robin Williams Lived

Sarah Lund, Regional Minister for the United Church of Christ in Florida, takes a thoughtful look at suicide and the invisible battle of mental illness.

Widening the Welcome 2012: Inclusion for All

Sponsored by the United Church of Christ (UCC) Disabilities Ministries and the UCC Mental Illness Network on November 1-3 in Columbus, OH

UCC Prepares for Second Widening the Welcome Conference

2nd Annual Widening the Welcome Conference to educate about mental illness and brain disorders and disabilites and help congregations develop Accessible to All (A2A) covenants and mental-health ministries.

UCC ‘Widening the Welcome’ Again…Another First

“Accessible 2 All.” Is UCC? Thirty-three years ago the first Synod resolutiion about including people with disabilities was passed. Six years ago came the “Accessible 2 All” resolution. How far has the church come? Kelli Parrish Lucas answers that question and raises others in “UCC ‘Widening the Welcome’ Again…Another First.”