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Top Ways To Embezzle From Your Church (and How You Could Prevent It)

Church Embezzlement: It can’t happen here! Are you sure? And what can you do about it?

Church Training Center offers 50% Off Online Courses to Southern California Nevada Conference Members

Save 50% on all online courses when you register prior to 07/01/2019

Your Church Council Can’t Delegate Away Your Preschool

Overseeing Your Preschool

Why Your Pastor Needs an Accountable Reimbursement Plan

Accountable Reimbursement Plan for Pastors: Does your church have one?

Your Independent Contractors May Not Be Anymore

Landmark decision clarifying who can be an “independent contractor: will it affect your church?

Church Credit Cards – Are they worth the risk?

Church Credit Cards: Convenience and Challenge

Does My Church Need an Audit?

Financial check-ups for churches: when needed?

Prudent Management of Endowments

Handling Your Endowments: Legalities and Challenges

The Rogue Checking Account

Problem checking accounts? Is your church at risk?