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Tasting the Gifts of Lent and Easter Every Day

Throughout the year, throughout our lives: The Blessings of Lent and Easter

Living in the Divine Presence

Life in God’s presence: Many steps, many ways

Growth, Challenge, Blessings

Challenges and blessings on the road to spiritual growth.

Struggle, Suffering, and Growth

Growing into Christ, Doing the Work of Christ

Experiencing the Spirit

Dr. Findlay explores the role of the Spirit in our inner and outer journeys.

All You Need is Love

Eastertide Reflections: Love

Rev. Dr. James Findlay Leading Meditative Text Encounters

Rev. Dr. James Findlay Leading Meditative Text Encounters at the Religious Center at USC in Los Angeles.

James Findlay Retreat Workshop at Ghost Ranch

From August 3-9 James will be leading a retreat workshop on “The Psalms as Spiritual Guidebook,” at the exquisite Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center in Abiquiu, NM.

Guidance for the Lenten Journey

Walk the 40 Sacred Days of Lent with Rev. Findlay

Manifesting Spiritual Light

Awakening to God’s presence in our life and in the world

Entering Deep Darkness and the Sacredness of Advent

Entering Advent’s sacred time, awaiting the coming of God

Crisis, Conflict, and Progress on the Spiritual Path

Finding Sustenance and Guidance in the Texts of Autumn

Perseverance on the Spiritual Journey

Dr. Findlay explores the blessings of greater communion with God.


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Spirit and Struggle

Growing into God’s promises…

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