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Healing and Healthy Environments Make a Difference!

What difference has it made? Jaime Romo reports on Pilgrim UCC’s success in creating a healing and wholeness community.

Trauma Informed Care: A Gift of Healing

Dr. Romo discusses the TIR method of reducing traumatic stress.

Child-Friendly Faith Project

Dr. Romo interviews the Director of the Child-Friendly Faith Project

Posada Means Shelter: Las Posadas Vigil to Rep. Darrell Issa’s Home December 17, 2013

Las Posadas Vigil: A Plea for Welcoming the Stranger

Helping People Move from Homelessness to Stability and Sustainability

Jaime Romo discusses Solutions for Change, a comprehensive approach to solving family homelessness.

SCNC Passes Safe Churches and Healing Communities Resolution

Dr. Romo reflects on the implications for local churches of the SCNC’s Safe Churches and Healing Communities Resolution.

Safe Families, Safer Communities

Dr. Romo discusses child sexual abuse and introduces “Safe Families, Safe Communities,” an awareness and prevention workshop for parents and teachers.

Safe families ….Safer Communities

Dr. Romo and Svava Brooks will share key concepts and practices to help parents prevent and detect child sexual abuse in any setting.