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Pastoral Reviews

Enriching the Process

A Way Forward

When churches care for one another…

Passing the Peace

Finding Peace when Passing the Peace

Coaching, a Great Tool for Ministry

Coaching: Asking Questions, Deep Listening

The Answer

Answers in unexpected places: Tasting the sweetness of life

Easter Epiphany

A sudden moment of awareness…an answer…finding God

The One Voice that Matters

“Come ye after me…” Heather Miner urges Christians to “get out of the boat.”

Meet Jeanne Halverson, Summer Camp Director, Pilgrim Pines 2012

Approached to once again take on the job of Summer Camp Director, Jeanne Halverson thought, “I love Pilgrim Pines and all the campers AND I know the kid’s favorite hiding places when its getting dangerously close to curfew! So why not give it another try!”

The Prime Directive

Being with God and loving others – our “Prime Directive.” Heather Miner suggests an action plan for living it.


Plan to join us on the mountaintop with other young people who are beginning their journey with Jesus! March 16-18 at Pilgrim Pines Camp.

Van Gogh’s Brush

Have you a story to tell? Heather Miner encourages you to paint it boldly, allowing God to come forward.