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Allegiance – A film review

The lessons of Allegiance

Japanese Americans: World War II Heroes

A Visit to the Go for Broke Monument and the Japanese American Historical Museum

Reflections on Baptismal Waters

The Blessings of Baptism

An Ode to Chaplaincy

A holy moment of presence; a moment in time

Answer the Phone! It’s God’s Agent Calling!

Serendipity: God’s Mysterious Ways.

God’s Advent Presence

Surprise Gifts: An Advent Reflection

Candle Light Images

Advent Vigil: Captured in Light

A Quartet of Synod Glimpses

Continuing Connecting Voices coverage of Synod 29 – Dorothy Crockett shares her favorite moments.

University City United Church: 1963 – 2012

In the first in a series of UCC church histories Dorothy Crockett shares the story of UCUC – University City United Church.