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UCC ‘New and Renewing’ Congregations Awarded Grants to Expand Reach: San Diego’s UCC of Paradise Hills is One of Them!

Paradise Hills UCC’s success story: Triples in size!

A Leadership Resolution

What type leaders does today’s church need? David Alicea encourages “re-evaluation of the qualities of leadership in a world filled with social complexities and changing demands.”

A Sense of Justice: The Illegal Immigrant Challenge

David Alicea explores the myths and misperceptions about and the challenges of the struggle for citizenship and societal rights for undocumented aliens.

Are We There Yet?

Dr. Alicea asks where our conference is going and explores the some of the challenges it faces.

On the Road to Damascus…and Orange County…

Recent research shows that Open and Affirming (ONA) churches are experiencing membership growth. David Alicea examines why and how.

The Power of Love

David Alicea invites you to share the warm welcome of the UCC family and the word of a God who is still speaking.

The Genetics of Gratefulness

Gratefulness: State of being? An art? David Alicea explores the genetics of gratitude.

Builder or Wrecker

Rebuilding the UCC: Lessons from Nehemiah.

Multicultural and Multiracial Connection

Painting life with new colors: David Alicea discusses the challenges and rewards of sharing life with people of other races and ethnic groups.