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Bermuda Hundred to San Diego via New York City: The Fascinating Journey of Rev. J. Lee Hill, Jr.

Meet Rev. J. Lee Hill, Jr. The sign on his office table says it all – “Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words when necessary.”

Kaleidoscope II

“The World as Our Altar:” Taking our faith out into the world (SCNC Annual Gathering 2011 Report)

Focused On Love; Meet David Arthur Auten

David Auten recounts his weird and wonderful journey from a “great childhood” through drugs and aimlessness to the ministry.

Janet Vandevender: Living Bold

“The church has been her home wherever she has lived. It shaped her and she shaped it.” Follow the fascinating faith journey of Janet Vandevender, one of the SCNC’S 2011 Distinguished Laywomen.

Meet Rev. Jeffrey Utter, Chair of Joint Ecumenical and Interfaith Committee

Coming to Connecting Voices and the SCNC E-News – commentary by Rev. Dr. Jeff Utter, Interim Pastor of First Christian Church, Garden Grove, CA. Meet Jeff and experience the excitement of his passion for ecumenical and interfaith work.

View from the Orange Crate

New ways, new directions, new hopes and dreams: exploring (and shamelessly rooting for) an evolving UCC

Diana Porras Owings: Imagining What Is Possible

An introduction to Diana Porras Owings, recently honored as one of the Southern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ’s “Distinguished Laywomen”

Church Gone Bye-Bye

What would happen if Christianity, which surveys suggest is being decimated by dropouts, were itself to move under the radar, happening not in buildings but within people, where it can’t be measured?

And Then There Was One…But What a One!

Promoting understanding through shared activities, the “Togetherness Churches” founded throughout the United States in 1982 brought together congregations of diverse racial, ethnic and cultural heritage.


Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” The same can be said of pilgrimages, whether to Mecca, Lourdes or the Wailing Wall or through experiences shared with people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

Finding Room At The Table

How can we love and care for one another and proclaim the Good News when our faith includes the stranger and the immigrant? Jesus: One tough act to follow!

Sex Trafficking: The Facts, The Figures, The Victims

A Special Program at the United Church of Christ of La Mesa on October 3, 2010 at 6:00 p.m.

“Listening Up” in San Diego

Mary Domb Mikkelson shares her experience at the “Meet the GMP” event at Mission Hills UCC where Rev. Geoffrey Black, President & General Minister of the UCC answered questions from our local church members.

Kaleidoscope: Annual Gathering 2010

“Mary Domb Mikkelson captures the essence of a truly inspiring and energizing Annual Gathering”

Knee Deep In The Trenches

Knee-deep in the trenches, changing images and minds, planning for the future — that’s Félix.

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