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“Growing Communities of Love”-A Church Growth Conference

A Church Growth Conference
October 23-25, 2018
Disney Embassy Suites
Anaheim, California

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In a time when fear and suspicion drive society’s perception of the world, the church’s mission to embody the love of God is needed more than ever. That’s why Mary Scifres Ministries has designed a different type of Church Growth Conference—a live event focused on growing love to grow your church. Come to Growing Communities of Love Live on October 23-25 at the Disney Embassy Suites in Anaheim, California. Discover game-changing tools to grow your church and share your love with a world hungry for good news. Uncover the number one priority that will make the biggest difference in your church. Learn five techniques guaranteed to energize your ministries. Discover how conflict can lead to healthier and more engaged communities. Create innovative teams to share the challenges of running & growing your church. And develop ways to promote a culture of love and understanding in your church and community. At Growing Communities of Love you will learn how be more loving, attract people who yearn to grow in love, and transform your church’s love and compassion for the world. And when you go to the conference, don’t try to go it alone like Sisyphus—bring a team to help your church roll its love to the top of God’s holy mountain and really transform your ministry and your community. For more information, click on the link to Growing Communities of Love or contact Mary Scifres at mary@maryscifres.com.

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Registration ​through 8/31 only $199

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