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Camp Wish List

By Tracy Halter-Balin, First Congregational Church, LB Youth Music Director

Dear Friends of Camp and Campers ~

I’m told that when you share your dreams and hopes with the Universe, amazing things can happen.

Amazing things also happen at summer camp!   Not just at Pilgrim Pines but at all camps that provide children and youth time in nature, time with loving and accepting adults, time to experience something other than the stress of school and tests.

Pilgrim Pines has played a huge role in many lives since 1956 and continues to do so.  Many young adults find their paths and careers because of the interactions and connections they make at camp – they become Special Education Teachers because they worked with our Pinesters, they become youth leaders and ministers because of their meaningful time with our Pastors-at-Camp, they become Environmental Activists because they learned to love nature, they become song writers, poets and photographers because they were allowed to share their talents in a supportive environment.

At this time, Pilgrim Pines is under a new administrative team that is ready to take our facility to new levels.   While Summer Camp is a staple, there are 11 other months available for groups to get the camp experience.  Their and our hope is to increase our UCC church usage  (We ARE the Owners of this place) for retreats, meetings or get-aways.  As UCC, there is a cost break.   Any non-profit can use our space and the more comfortable and inviting is, the better for all!

This is a very lengthy way of saying that there is a way for everyone to share their time, talents and treasures with Pilgrim Pines.    Volunteer Counselors and Directors, people who like to build and fix things, people with connections, people with small treasures and big hearts.

Here is our current wish list for all who’d like to know:

• First Class and Postcard Stamps for Camper mail
• Blue Tape
• Copier paper
• Bug Spray
• Plastic table and chairs for pool area
• Microwave for Health Center
• Coffee Pot that turns off automatically for Health Center
• 8×10 earth tone rug for Leadership Center
• Outdoor games for Junior Lodge (ping pong, cornhole, tether ball)

And, of course, there’s always:

• Campership funds (either your church’s families or to Pilgrim Pines for all families)
• Donations towards Summer Camp Shirts
• Donations toward Summer Camp Photos
• Donations towards Program Costs (craft supplies, water bottles, first aid supplies…)

If there are any questions, anyone on the Outdoor Ministries Team would be happy to help and, since I am the one writing this article, feel free to contact me at tracy.balin@gmail.com or via Facebook.

Thank you!   The Mountains Shall Bring Peace to the People – Indeed!

Tracy Halter-Balin,  (past camper and current Volunteer/Summer staff)

First Congregational Church, LB Youth Music Director

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