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Four Chaplains Ceremony at Community Church (U.C.C.) of California City

On Sunday, May 27, The Community Church (U.C.C.) of California City celebrated a special Memorial Day Service. A candle light ceremony was held to honor the Four Army Chaplains who sacrificed their lives to save others. The event was in 1943 when The Transport Ship Dorchester left New York to its destination of Greenland. When the ship entered the area of “Torpedo Alley” a German U-Boat launched a torpedo that delivered a decisive blow resulting in the ship sinking within 27 minutes.  Among the 902 military personnel aboard, were four Army Chaplains (Chaplain 1LT Alexander Goode-Jewish, Chaplain 1LT John P. Washington-Catholic, Chaplain 1LT George L, Fox-Methodist and Chaplain 1LT Clark V. Poling-Dutch reformed). When the chaplains realized that there were not enough life jackets, they gave their life jackets to sailors and joined together in prayer and singing as the ship sank.  To honor the sacrifice and memory of these four chaplains, President Truman, authorized the establishment of The Chapel of the Four Chaplains in Philadelphia, PA. Since that time, a Legion of Honor Program was created to grant Humanitarian Awards for those whose life and actions exemplified the values of these chaplains. The candle light ceremony was conducted by our city mayor/a city councilmember/Fire Chief/SGT from our Police Department and representative for the City Manager.

Following this ceremony one of our church members (A World War Two Veteran who was a member of the 101st Airborne Division, “Easy Company” and one of the last remaining “Band of Brothers” who was at The Battle of the Bulge/Normandy/ and at “The Eagles Nest” Hitler’s Alpine Retreat and who, recently, received The French Legion of Honor from The French Government at a ceremony at The Los Angeles National Cemetery along with eight other World War Veterans) came forward (to the surprise of the pastor, Ron Sparks) to present The Legion of Honor for Humanitarian Service to him.  Needless to say, it was a time of surprise and humility to receive an award given to so many others in the past (Presidents Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower,James Carter,Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, John Glenn, Mickey Rooney, Martha Raye, James Michner, Marian Anderson, C. Everett Koop, Tommy Lasorda, Shirley Chisholm and other deserving military, veterans and civilians to name only a few. An added honor was to have another of our church members (A retired Marine Gunny SGT who survived The Chosen Reservoir Campaign in Korea and served two tours in Vietnam ) take pictures of this event. A time for fellowship was held afterwards in our church education building.

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