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UCCDM Call for Nominations Spring 2018

The UCC Disabilities Ministries Board Nominations Committee is seeking two people, for two different service terms, one ending in October of 2019 and the other, October of 2022, who are passionate about disability ministry. Our Board is made up of people with disabilities, professionals who work in the disability field, and family members of people with disabilities. Our mission is to encourage our denomination to create worship and meeting places, programs and leadership opportunities that are Accessible to All ( A2A ) and welcoming and inclusive of all persons with disabilities.

A person interested in serving with UCCDM should be someone who is a member of a UCC congregation, regularly reads, responds to, and is comfortable using email, and is someone who can devote a minimum of ten (10) hours a month to this work, which includes a monthly conference call meeting of approximately 90 minutes. There is one face-to-face meeting annually. Being a Board Director includes a willingness to make a yearly financial commitment to our disability ministry and serve on at least one Board subcommittee. For these positions, the UCCDM Board of Directors is especially interested in applicants who are authorized ministers or have a theological education.  Desiring a Board of Directors with a variety of experiences and voices, we particularly encourage applicants who identify themselves with historically underrepresented groups (HUGs) in the UCC.

Some of our short term goals include increasing the number of A2A congregations in the UCC; providing guidance to associations, conferences, camps, and other settings of the UCC about how they can live out the commitment to be Accessible to All; encouraging the formation of Conference Inclusion Teams; increasing disability awareness; and major fundraising to support the future of the ministry and our scholarship fund.

For selected candidates, attendance at Widening The Welcome and the UCCDM annual meeting immediately after widening the welcome are mandatory. Those events will take place November 1-6, 2018 in Niagara Falls, New York.

We encourage interested candidates to visit our website at www.uccdm.org to learn more about us. To submit your nomination, please fill out the form found at this link .  The nominating form must be filled out online at UCCDM Nominations 2018 and must be received by July 1, 2018.

Yours in Ministry,

Paul Fogle
Chair – UCC Disabilities Ministries Board

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