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Jesus Seminar on the Road – to Irvine!

Two Jesus Seminar scholars will be at Irvine United Congregational Church on Friday evening and Saturday, October 6 & 7, to discuss “Ancient Christian Texts Inspiring New Spiritual Practices.”

In 1945, a collection of early Christian texts was discovered at Nag Hammadi, Egypt.  Many were written at the same time as the more familiar texts of the New Testament, but ultimately were excluded from it.  As scholarship makes these ancient texts increasingly accessible to the public, they are inspiring new art, music, spiritual practices and more.

In this Jesus Seminar On the Road, Dr. Celene Lillie and Rev. Natalie Renee Perkins will introduce the Gospel of Mary and Thunder: Perfect Mind, both in their ancient context and in creative, modern expressions.



Register directly with the Westar Institute at www.westarinstitute.org/upcoming-events-calendar/irvine-2017.

Questions can be directed to IUCC’s Adult Programs Director, Rev. Steve Swope at steve@iucc.org.


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