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Compassionate Communication Course Offered at Los Altos UCC

Starting September 18

An 8-week course in

Compassionate Communication

Continuing Education Units for Clergy Available


Be a Rebel: Speak Peace and Create the Life You Want

with Mary Mackenzie, author and peacemaker

Are you feeling frustrated about the stress you feel in your life and relationships?  Are you ready to get beyond your emotional triggers that goad you into responding in counterproductive ways?  Or, perhaps to simply increase the harmony you experience at home or work?  Did you know that how you speak and hear others significantly impacts the joy that you experience in your relationships?

Los Altos United Church of Christ is hosting a fantastic learning opportunity a class in the Compassionate Communication process, which includes Self Empathy (compassion for yourself), Empathy (compassion for others), and Speaking Your Truth (even when it’s difficult to ask for what you really want).

This course, offered in eight evenings, will give you practical tools for:

· moving beyond anger, blame and judgment

· making sense of the baffling or offensive people in your life

· deepening your compassion for yourself and others, and

· transforming your old thought and speaking patterns into new ones that inspire harmony and fun!

The class will be taught by Mary Mackenzie, M.A., who is the author of Peaceful Living: Daily Meditations for Living with Love, Healing and Compassion, is the executive director of Peace Workshop, International and co-founder of the NVC Academy. She teaches individuals and families how to transform their relationships by shifting their communication patterns, and facilitates effectiveness in business and industry.

Class Info:

September 18-November 6

Mondays, 7:00-9:00pm

Fee:  $250.00 per person

Los Altos United Church of Christ

5550 Atherton, Long Beach, CA 90815

To register email mary@nvcacademy.com

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