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Reflections on Baptismal Waters

by Rev. Dorothy Crockett, Pulpit Supply, SCNCC Association, UCC

Dorothy-Crockett-300x238This reflection involves 10-year old Anne.*  I became a witness to a “total immersion” baptism. It was Anne’s request that she be baptized in this manner.

Sitting close by, I could keenly hear and watch. Anne made a soft gasp, in preparation for the distinct first blessing, “In the name of the Father,” then an audible sigh of relief upon surfacing.

Again, a gasp for the second blessing, “In the name of the Son,” and another sigh.

Once more, a gasp, for the third blessing, “In the name of the Holy Spirit,” and then, a final, deeper sigh.

As this sacrament continued, I became aware of an internal observation: I began to weep. For me, that represents the parallel sigh, “It is done,” of Jesus.

With each gasp, Anne joins the Christian family, which symbolically experiences the death of Jesus Christ. And with each triumphant sigh of breath, Anne joins the church universal, which lives out Jesus’ resurrection.

Afterwards in conversation with others, many reported that they too, wept.  Perhaps this visible symbol of trust is like our faith in Jesus. Just as Anne’s trust in Pastor Carol*’ – to gently hold her as she lowered Anne into the baptismal waters, and then, to swiftly and firmly pull her up and out – we entrust Jesus with our lives when we become “a child of God.”

Meditating on this profound witness, does moves one to tears.

* Names are changed to protect the participant’s identity.


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