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Message from John Dorhauer, UCC General Minister and President to the CCM

dorhauer125Subject: 3 Great Loves: UCC’s Mission Initiative

Dear Council of Conference Ministers,

As you may recall, the Mission Initiative Committee was called to determine a justice issue in which the entire denomination could work together to create sustainable and substantial change over a biennium towards attaining our vision of a just world for all.  After consulting with CCM representatives and the Mission Planning Council, the committee is recommending an initiative focused on 3 Great Loves: Love of Children, Love of Creation, Love of Neighbor.

By design, the 3 Great Loves is broad enough to hold how each expression of the church discerns its ministry in the areas of Love of Children, Love of Creation, and Love of Neighbor. The initiative will be launched at General Synod 2017 and conclude at General Synod 2019.

Over the biennium, the National Setting will roll out a series of causes for the church to rally around, provide space for the sharing of ministry, and articulate the metanarrative of the United Church of Christ. Our hope is that through the collective efforts of our denomination, we can make significant progress toward creating a just world for our children, God’s creation, and our neighbors.

As we prepare for the Synod launch, I ask that you begin to look at your work through the lenses of the 3 Great Loves.  How does your work express a love of children, a love of creation, and/or a love of neighbor?  We welcome your stories in written or short video (30 sec) form to possibly share them at General Synod.  Please send to Nichole Collins at collinsn@ucc.org.

Also, I would like to invite each Conference to participate in this initiative by sharing your Conference stories and encouraging your congregations to share their stories of ministry moving us toward a just world.  To help the National Setting’s ability to curate these stories, we are asking each Conference to  assign a Just World for All Conference Coordinator.  If it is convenient, you may wish to reactivate the Conference Coordinator who supported the Strategic Visioning work of fall 2015 or assign a new individual.  The name and contact information for that person should be sent to Nichole Collins at collinsn@ucc.org.

I am proud of the United Church of Christ and looking forward to work with each of your on the 3 Great Loves initiative.

John Dorhauer

UCC General Minister & President

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