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Greetings from Japan – Christmas Card Project

christmas-cards-templates-2Dear friends,

Its that time of year again when I am looking for UCC and Disciples churches in the US interested in participating in the Christmas Card Project this year with churches in Japan. The churches in Japan have an historical tie to our UCC/Disciples denominations, and are presently facing many unprecedented issues as a result of the ongoing nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

I will be asking you to send a Christmas card to one or two churches in early December, AND to lift these churches up in prayer sometime during the advent season. Once I have a firm idea of how many churches from the US will be participating, I will send you the names and current information about the Japanese churches to which you will be assigned. If you have participated before in this project, I will try to match you with the same churches that you wrote to before. Our partners in the Kyodan (the UCCJ) have asked that we continue this project, and I am encouraged to see how the Spirit is leading us as brothers and sisters in new patterns of partnership. This project is one way to reach out globally through prayer.

Please discuss this with your congregation and get back to me no later than October 12th (WED). I will send you the necessary information you need by November 14th (MON). This will give you plenty of time to prepare the Christmas cards to send off by the first of December. Please let me know the name and contact address for the person who will be the contact person from your congregation this year. For recent information on Japan please go to my blog at http://jeffreyfromjapan.blogspot.com/

Journalism has been silenced in recent years, and especially pertaining to the nuclear disaster. Though there are citizen’s movements opposing the reopening of nuclear plants around the country, the government is determined to show to the world that Fukushima and Tokyo are safe for the 2020 Olympics. The people of Fukushima are severely suppressed, and the churches are ministering under these conditions. I know that your gesture of solidarity at Christmas will mean alot to our partners in Christ living in and around Fukushima.

jeffrey-mensendiekyours in Christ

Jeffrey Mensendiek

(CGMB missionary / serving in Kobe, Japan)

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