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End the Death Penalty Posters

Death Penalty Poster1Dear UCC Friends,

This fall we have one of the best opportunities in the state of California to End the Death Penalty.  The Death Penalty is a cruel and barbaric form of punishment and imposed disproportionately on the poor and especially on poor people of color.  Lately as you have read, there are more and more convictions, including death penalty sentences, being overturned.

Prop 62 would convert all Death Penalty sentences in the state of California to Life in Prison Without the Possibility of Parole.

Noted religious artist, John August Swanson has created two posters in support of CA Prop 62 which would end the death penalty.  Each poster is available in both English and Spanish.  Images of the posters can be viewed on John August Swanson’s website.

West Hollywood UCC bought 50 copies of the posters and will give them to any member who will post them in a public place.

The cost is minimal:  $5 each, or, for orders of more than 50 posters, $2.50 each. Shipping is included in the purchase price.

Churches and/or individuals may order copies of the posters at:Death Penalty Poster2


Studio of John August Swanson

8417 Holy Cross Place

Los Angeles, California 90045





Dan Smith, West Hollywood UCC.

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