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Faith Community Local Organizing for Trade Justice

tpp5As the vote in Congress on the Trans Pacific Partnership nears, our congressional representatives need to hear from people of faith on how this impacts our faith beliefs of justice, peace and care of creation. Gina Chamberlain will be working with local congregations and people of faith in partnership with the Interfaith Working Group on Trade and Investment which includes representatives of the UCC, to raise the voices of local constituents. She will also be working to create local partnerships with nonprofits in the targeted areas who are already advocating for trade justice to bring support from local groups in addition to linking the resources created on the national level by members of the Interfaith Working Group on Trade and Investment.

Gina will be in the San Diego area from January 16-22nd and hopes to return later in Feb or March for additional work.  Currently Gina is working to identify local people of faith who would be willing to assist in this outreach and in developing a realistic strategy for this short term effort and in raising awareness for the long term work of trade justice. If you are interested in talking with or meeting with Gina please contact her directly at jakeberea@yahoo.com as she works to confirm her schedule.  Gina has also created several interactive resources to education people on trade agreements and why the faith community is working for better agreements than the one coming before Congress.  These resources include a simulation game, interactive presentation and she is working on a computer quiz or resource that allows people to connect their current work for justice to the negative impacts of the TPP.

This will only be a 3-6 month campaign based on when Congress votes on the bill, so the goal is not to build a new organization but to link the justice issues where people are already committed to the TPP. The TPP will most likely have negative impacts on many of justice issues including: the environment, health care, immigration, income disparity, corporate power over democratic process, workplace safety and food security.  The goal is to let congressional representatives know that this is a faith issue. The strategies currently being proposed in some targeted areas include: petitions, phone calls and visits to local congressional offices. For more information and/or to assist in this work, please contact Gina Chamberlain at jakeberea@yahoo.com or  859-985-9526.

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