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Tackling the Big Issues: 6th in a Series of Reports from Central Association

In May 2014 the Central Association  held its Spring Meeting and during the program time lifted up six social issues facing our churches. The issues included Hunger and Homelessness, Civil Rights, Global Climate Change,  The Economy, LGBT and  Veterans’ Issues.  This is the final summary of the sixth issue.


veteran Women-in-combat-300x199VETERANS’ ISSUES

Approximately 12 people attended this particular group.  Rev. Anne Cohen reported that Mount Hollywood UCC has set up a Biofeedback Center which will especially help those  persons suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  Rev. Al Cohen reported that The Southern California Ecumenical Council sponsors a Task Force for Women Veterans which encourages congregations to offer pastoral care to this special group.  Pasadena City College now has a Veterans’ Center on its campus, which provides books, some counseling, and other services.  There have been a number of Veterans’ Centers set up in different areas, and Central Association would like to list them.

Resources  for help in this area are:
Dr. Bill Goldmann – Consultant/speaker – MYTAZi@att.net
Resources for recovery from Moral Injury:  http://brite.edu/academics/programs/soul-repair/
Book: Soul Repair: Recovering from Moral Injury after War by Rita Nakashima Brock and Gabriella Lettini

Additional Resources for all issues:
The National UCC  website has a large assortment of issue focus links at:
Book: The Underground Church by  Robin Meyers
Movie: The Croods

It is hoped that those attending the Fall Meeting (October 11) of the Association may tell us what they might have put together. Any questions can be directed to:
Elsa Seifert (eseifert@pacbell.net) or phone at 626-791-4811.


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