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Anti-Sex Trafficking Safe House & Las Memorias HIV/AIDS Residence Mission Excursion Through Centro Romero

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Would you like to join us in partnership ministry with two ministries of Centro Romero?  West Hollywood UCC will be returning to Tijuana, Mexico to spend a day in partnership and service at the Anti-Sex Trafficking Safe House or Las Memorias HIV/AIDS Residence in Tijuana, Mexico on SATURDAY, Aug. 2, 2014.

Did you know that on Friday evenings huge numbers of men cross the U.S. border into Tijuana seeking sex?  With such demand, Tijuana is ground zero of a huge sex trafficking industry.  Almost all the girls and women (and some boys and men) are young – some teenagers and younger.   They end up in the sex trade industry as a means of economic survival.  The Tijuana Safe House is a place for those who want out or escape from being sexually abused and prostituted.  Those going to the Safe House will spend the day talking with the residents and learning what their life is like.  We will also prepare and share a healthy lunch with the residents. 

Another ministry option is Las Memorias HIV/AIDS Residence.  We will spend the day sharing life stories with residents, offering a worship service for healing and wholeness and preparing a nutritious lunch for about 110 residents.  While Mexico has national healthcare, HIV is not included in their healthcare coverage.  Las Memorias is a non-profit residence and care facility for people living with HIV.  Some residents are critically ill; others are well enough to work and help support and provide care for the others.  The residence includes a near equal number of men, women and children. 

Some attending from West Hollywood will have been there previously, others will be attending for the first time.  A “briefing and orientation” will be held at Centro Romero prior to our day and on the conclusion of our experience.  We will leave Centro Romero at the San Ysidro border crossing around 10 am on Saturday, Aug. 2.  Cars will be left at Centro Romero and we will use a motor coach service into Mexico and back.  You MUST have a valid US passport to enter Mexico.  Cost will be about $75 per person.  You do NOT have to speak Spanish.  We will have plenty of bilingual folk to help with translation and communication.   Any UCC’ers are welcome to come and experience either of these two exciting and wonderful ministries through Centro Romero and our Conference. 

For more information contact Dan Smith or Laurie Fox at West Hollywood UCC.



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