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Tackling the Big Issues: 1st in a Series of Reports from Central Association

by Elsa Seifert

Homeless Street PeopleIn April 2014, Central Association held its Spring meeting.  It included worship, business, a workshop time, lunch and an ecclesiastical council.  During the workshop time led by Rev. Albert Cohen and Rev. Anne Cohen, the gathered delegates and pastors grouped themselves in six groups, reflecting their interest in six different issues the church faces.  The issues:  Hunger and Homelessness, Civil Rights, Global Climate Change, LGBTQ, Veterans (esp. Women Veterans), Sustainable Development.

This is a summary of the first issue.


Approximately 20 persons participated in discussion of this issue, and ways to take appropriate action.  Many of the churches host family programs, participate in food banks, prepare and serve lunches during the week.  Resources that have contributed to alleviating the cycle of homelessness and hunger include:

Foothill Unity Center – San Gabriel Valley – gives family support
Helping Hands – makes food and provides volunteer opportunities for children
Family Promise – San Gabriel Valley
Mr. Frank Tamborello – frank@hungeractionla.org  – Hunger Action Day in
Sacramento, CA

Central Association suggests that people tell us what they have been able to put together, at their church or through other sources.  Also, if readers have suggestions for other resources, we want to hear them.  Rev. Al Cohen can be contacted at

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