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What is Holy Food?

by Young Adult Krystle Wheeler

communionThis past Sunday, I was sitting in the pews with my sweetheart at our new church— First Congregational United Church of Christ, San Bernardino. Like a true Wesley admirer, I am always happy for Holy Communion, which we celebrated this week. Being new to the United Church of Christ world, I’ve been listening very closely to the Communion liturgy.

This week, something jumped out at me.

One of our pastors prayed something like this: “As we consume holy food, let us become aware of Christ’s presence in the ordinary things of life” (I know I have completely botched this).

I have actually been poring over the phrase “holy food” all week. Seems silly, right? But really, what is the point of consuming this mysterious meal if we don’t spend at least a few minutes pondering what we’ve experienced?

So…..beyond the Communion table, what is holy food? Could it be that it’s more than just physical bread and juice? Could it be that it is more than any physical food? Could it be that which feeds our spirits and enables us to be servants to the world around us?

If so, I end this week of reflection on holy food with this conclusion:

Holy food is allowing myself to be nourished and loved by my sweetheart.

Holy food is taking time to rest when I am overworked and driving myself crazy.

Holy food is taking time to be thankful to God – every day and in every circumstance.

Holy food is taking time to read the Scriptures.

Holy food is engaging in loving community- either my faith community or my neighborhood.

And yes, holy food is the Communion table, where I am reminded in new ways of God’s grace.

Come now, for all things are ready.


_____________________________Krystle Wheeler

Want to read more? You can find Krystle’s blog at: http://preachergirlcali2.blogspot.com/.

Krystle is a birth mom, is engaged to Sekani Wright, is currently studying Communications at Southern New Hampshire University Online and a young adult in the Southern California Nevada United Church of Christ. You can follow her on Twitter by searching for her username @pas_krystle.

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