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Synod is for YOU!

Below is a letter from Sally Buffington, Synod 29 Delegate from University City UCC, San Diego, CA.   We encourage you to share these with your congregation via newsletters, websites, bulletins and announcements.     Thanks!

Synod is for YOU!

The UCC General Synod 29 will be held in Long Beach, June 28 – July 2, 2013. Everyone – everyone is welcome!

All the great things our denomination does and offers are laid out – call it a UCC buffet!

Curious about our leaders?  See them in action.  Need inspiration for your church’s activities? Synod is the place!  Come explore the exhibit hall.  The UCC Press brings loads of books and other materials.  Do you want to know more about UCC Missions?  Worship resources?  All these, and many more, are presented.  You’ll need more than one visit, the hall’s so full of people and ideas!

As for people – we’re all in this together.  So many interesting UCCers to make friends with!  Each day you can also hear both well-known and emerging writers, performers, media figures and musical groups.  You can ask questions and, as always, hearings and discussions are presented with respect for everyone’s opinions.

A very special event of Synod is Sunday Afternoon Worship!  Scheduled in the afternoon so we can all come after church, this is a marvelous sacred event.  Come and be one of the several thousand people at our ever-open table!  Think of your voice joining the sound of all that singing, too!  This is when we praise God and stand together as the body of the United Church of Christ.

So make your plans!  Come to Synod 29!  If you give four hours of volunteer time (there are lots of ways to serve), you get free registration.  If you prefer to just come, one-day registration is $75 and three-day, $175.

COME to Synod 29!  Learn, think, sing, and worship — be part of the UCC together! Hallelujah!


Sally Buffington, University City UCC, San Diego, CA

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