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God’s Vision: Connected; The UCC’s Family Reunion-General Synod 2013

Below  is a letter from Mary Domb Mikkelson, SCNC Press Secretary.  We encourage you to share these with your congregation via newsletters, websites, bulletins and announcements.     Thanks!

God’s Vision:  Connected

The UCC’s Family Reunion – General Synod 2013

“General Synod for me is like a large family reunion. I get to see so many colleagues and friends from around the nation and we all have the same surname – United Church of Christ. The feeling that I have when I am there is a deep sense of belonging. These people get me. They affirm who I am and we have a common understanding of what it means to be a part of a thinking-feeling denominational family. Hugs abound – and conversations are endless as we try and catch up on one another’s lives and ministries.”  – Rev. Scott Landis, Mission Hills UCC, San Diego, CA

     What does “family reunion” suggest to you?

     A Norman Rockwell painting?  (The one with the tractor hayride, perhaps…or “Family Tree?”)  Food, food and more food?   Aunt Betty’s doughnuts or your abuelo’s “world-famous” chili con carne?  (Wait till you taste our cookies!) Getting to know cousins you didn’t even know you had?  Travel?  Great discussions?  Surprise after surprise?  (“Did you hear about…?”) Fun…lots of fun?  Sharing worship?  Sharing “your” music?   Enjoying “theirs?”  Dancing?

     All of the above…and more…much more?

     If you said “all of the above,” you’re going to love connecting with your UCC kin at General Synod 2013.   As Desmond Tutu said about family, “…They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” 

     What will you find there?   Listen as a few family members share their memories of past gatherings:

“…the many languages in which we pray the Lord’s Prayer…an experience of God’s peace…worship…connection…immersion into our identity…sharing…wonderful diversity…challenging, stimulating and exciting…a real sense of community and love…the realization that God was definitely at work…always grateful for disagreement about important issues – that we are not of one opinion is so important…so much to see, observe and learn…an invitation to ‘simply be’…so many young people participating in worship – powerful!”

     And, again from Scott Landis, “It is exciting that the next General Synod will be in our Conference in 2013. I hope the members of our churches will take the time to join the family reunion and imagine what’s possible as we open ourselves to God’s challenges and grace.”

     Consider this your invitation.  We’re rolling out the red carpet for you.  Synod 29, in Long Beach, CA (June 28 – July 2, 2013) – and your UCC family, await.  Come, connect with them!

     Welcome!  Afio mai!  Kin jouj!  Aloha!  Willkommen!  ようこそ!  Bienvenidos!  Maligayang pagdating!   Üdvözlet! 


Mary Domb Mikkelson
Press Secretary, Southern California Nevada Conference, UCC

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