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Wrestling with the Big Questions…Responding with Love-General Synod 2013

     General Synod is many things – worship, celebration, song, family, joyous fun, prayer and preaching (and those famous cookies!).

     It is also – and this is its very heart and soul and its greatest strength – an arena in which the church is invited to wrestle with the big issues before our society and the world:  war, peace, civil rights, the role of women in church and society, the role of LGBT people in church and society, the environment, etc.  For decades Synod has, as part of its life and function, been a venue for the church to do its work of doing theology, looking deeply at the major events, policies, elections, trends, trouble and opportunities arising in our national life and studying scripture and tradition for guidance and direction for action. It is there, with courage and clarity of thought, we tackle the hard work of thinking theologically about our world, where we craft resolutions and pronouncements raising those questions which trouble our hearts then propose solutions based on our understanding of Biblical vision, tradition and the work of God.   Hard work, indeed, and often imbued with and enriched by tension, struggle and debate.

     I have long been thrilled how we as a national church have been an early responder to the big questions, how we have demonstrated the capacity to hold substantial debates reaching way beyond the clichés which obscure our vision and see who we must be and what we must do.

     I love the worship, the hymn singing, the preaching, the celebrations – and the hope of once again being set in the right direction as Synod tackles its primary job – wrestling with the big questions and responding with love.  

     May General Synod 29 in Long Beach, CA (June 28 – July 2, 2013) mean as much to you!  I look forward to seeing you there.
Rev. Paul Kittlaus
Co-Chair, Synod 29 Local Arrangements Committee
Above is a letter from Rev. Paul Kittlaus, Co-Chair of the General Synod 29 Local Arrangements Committee.  We encourage you to share these with your congregation via newsletters, websites, bulletins and announcements.  Thanks! 

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