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UCC Area Churches Worship in Griffith Park

     Rev. Dan Smith and the vibrant “new kids on the block” of West Hollywood UCC (WeHoUCC) took the initiative and organized a worship service for local UCC churches in Griffith Park on September 23, 2012. This inspiring gathering brought together more than 130 folks from 6 churches. What amazing diversity and what a great feeling of community we all shared! It was a fun fall event combining a great worship service and picnic.

     Dan and his team reserved a beautiful tree-shaded area in Griffith Park with lots of free parking. The worship service was followed by a BBQ and picnic. Again thank you to those who did the grilling, even in the blaze of the September heat!

     We reflected on the true meaning of greatness as taught by Jesus when he held up a little child. If Jesus were to “lift up” someone who illustrates this teaching about greatness today, who would that be and why would one select that person? Revs. Dan Smith, Kirsten Linford, and John Varga led small group discussions that addressed those questions.

     The churches present were Altadena, Westwood Hills, Mt. Hollywood, Hollywood Independent, Glendale, and the host church, West Hollywood UCC. We all agreed this should become an annual event open to all UCC’ers in the LA area. Thank you, WeHoUCC!

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