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By Gina Low, Woodland Hills Community Church, UCC (1), Founder and President APECA, Inc.

     Spring has arrived on the banks of the Amazon River.  Flowers bloom in the trees; eggs hatch, young creatures are born, and bird numbers are augmented by the northward migration.  Swampy lagoons empty a new generation of swimming species into the river as water levels continue to recede.  Seasons are reversed!  In Peru the school year ends in December and summer recess begins.
     At El Fundo, APECA’s field base and teaching facility, near remote villages on the Amazon River, our current work is focused on the tree nursery.   Preparation for January’s Reforestation Conservation Campaigns has started with transplanting thousands of saplings in protected areas.  In addition, growing plants for natural medicines, fish farming, turtle propagation, chickens, and vegetable gardening keeps us fully occupied.  We are glad to report that repairs to buildings damaged in the higher than normal flood are close to complete.

     In the villages APECA-trained volunteer Health Care Workers provide lifesaving care for villagers and regularly hold education meetings to teach and remind the villagers of public health priorities including clean water and sanitation as the river recedes.  As part of their responsibility, APECA  Promotores de Salud, trained volunteer village health care providers, also keep daily records of village health information to assist in delivering vital human services. Collected data is used to evaluate program effectiveness of APECA at work in education and field service.

2013: Celebrating 20 years of APECA Mission 
     Situated near the center of our service area, El Fundo is accessible to villagers in order to attend APECA’s Health and Conservation training programs.  Entering the twentieth year of grassroots development and continual presence on the banks of the upper Amazon and her many tributaries, APECA has become a trusted friend to local villagers and their leaders who seek opportunities in sustainable development. 

     In celebration of a continuous 20 year mission, January 2013, APECA will initiate Field Campaigns to remote villages, thus impacting the lives of thousands.  Campaigns provide basic public health services along with delivery and planting of trees.  Conservation and Reforestation, shoulder to shoulder programs, are extremely effective.   APECA welcomes volunteers from North America into field campaign teams and is grateful for the support of generous donors who make these human services possible.

     You can make a difference!

      Go to  www.apecaperu.org or call 818-704-0967 with questions, to request an application for student internship or other volunteer opportunities with APECA in 2013.


  1. Betsy Colburn says:

    Is Apeca a religious-based charity or is it secular?

  2. Stephen Fletcher says:

    I am delighted to see the United Church of Christ (UCC) connected and reaching out globally. APECA (Association Promoting Education and Conservation in Amazonia) is ministering to people and a part of the country of Peru unfamiliar to many in modern and sophisticated Lima, the capitol, to say nothing of North Americans. Congratulations for this posting go to the United Church of Christ nationally, the Southern California Nevada Conference, the Central Association, and Woodland Hills Community Church, all of which can be proud of this connection. And a special thanks to Gina Low for her vision as described in this posting and in the link therein.

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