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A Word from Mike Holland, SCNCUCC Co-Chair, Global Ministries Committee


     For thirty-four years I have served as a pastor, first of Baptist and then UCC and DOC congregations.   Over that time, I supported global mission efforts through preaching, education, fundraising, hosting visiting missionaries, and attending conferences.  Then in 2007, Rev. Larry Hixon of the Pacific Southwest Region of the DOC called and asked me to serve on a new Joint Global Ministries Committee.  Since then, our committee has planned several mission trips to Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories, Cuba, the Congo, Mexico and Nicaragua.  In the process my life and our church was transformed.

     Our committee is charged with the task of helping the conference and region enter partnerships with folks in other parts of the world.  If you don’t know, our global missions and missionaries are often in some of the more “not spots” of the world, working for peace and justice in the name of Christ.  To no surprise, what we have found is that many of our congregations are already in partnerships with others around the globe.  One of our committee’s goals is to discover and promote these existing mission efforts.  Our hope is that knowledge of what other churches and individuals are doing, either in close proximity to one another or with similar interests, will lead to local partnerships and strengthen global ministries already being done.  What we need is a master list, so..

REQUEST No. 1:  Inform us what your congregation is doing with Global Mission Partnerships.

     When a pastor’s life changes, so does the congregation’s.  Before I joined the Joint Global Ministries Committee few in our congregation had ever been on a global mission. Since 2007, a number of our church members have been on a Global Ministries sponsored trip. Just this past spring, after a time of study and discernment, our Church of the Foothills followed the lead of Long Beach First Congregational Church UCC and Claremont United Church of Christ and voted to become a Global Mission Church.   

REQUEST No 2:   Ask your church to consider becoming a Global Mission Church.

     See www.globalministries.org for a copy of A Global Church Partnership Handbook

Currently, we have two trips planned: the Palestinian Territories January 2-12, 2013 and Nicaragua January 9-18, 2013.  For more information, contact Nancy Fowler at 858-450-4442, nfowler1010@aol.com about the Palestinian trip, and Larry Hixon at 626-485-7679, larrywhixon@gmail.com for the Nicaragua trip.

Thanks for considering,

Mike Holland


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