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Dealing with Loss in a Season of Joy

The holiday season is difficult for many people, particularly those struggling with significant losses.  The loss of jobs, broken relationships and death all bring unimagined pain.  Parties, family gatherings and even worship are often too difficult for those dealing with loss to navigate. 

The Revs. Alexis Solomon (hospice chaplain at Odyssey Hospice) and Scott Landis (pastor Mission Hills United Church of Christ) offer a seminar to help those dealing with loss.  This event, hosted by the San Diego Partnership of UCC churches, will take place on Sunday afternoon, November 25, 2-4 p.m. at the Kensington Community United Church of Christ, 4773 Marlborough Drive, SD, 92116. 

Participants will be given an opportunity to identify clearly their loss and will be offered some helpful techniques to honor that loss during the holiday season.

Anyone experiencing recent loss or attempting to help those in pain is invited to attend.

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