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Nov 6th: Our Best Chance to End Capital Punishment in California!

John August Swanson, the world-renowned artist, activist, and peacemaker, has prepared four posters and postcards calling for an end to State Sponsored Execution in California.  Each poster includes depictions of the Crucifixion of Jesus, with a message of transformation and hope.

Proposition 34 on the Nov. 6th ballot would repeal the death penalty in the State of California and impose a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 729 persons sentenced to death in our state.  For those of us in the religious community who are morally opposed to Capital Punishment, we finally have found support with a group that we do not often agree with, fiscal conservatives.  California has executed 13 persons in the last 34 years at a cost of $4 billion dollars. That’s about $308 million per execution.  Multiply $308 million times the current 729 folk on “death row” and your head spins – especially at a time when we can’t fund schools or health and safety programs for the elderly and poor.

With people of faith and fiscal conservatives coming together, we have one of the best chances of ending capital punishment in our state, that we have ever had.   But there are so many other “big issue” propositions on this fall’s ballot, that Prop 34 is not getting much notice. Support is also lagging by a small percentage in the polls.

      Why not buy 5 posters for your church, or to post
       in community spaces? 
       Buy ten postcards, and mail them to ten friends? 
       Or, buy a quantity for your fundraisers?

John’s posters and postcards are a great, easy way for us as Christians to proclaim our faith as we educate and advocate for a change in public policy that is more humane, just and fair.  John August Swanson is making the posters available at cost

Posters are $1.00 each plus shipping,
and postcards are $0.25 each plus shipping. 

To order John August Swanson’s postcards and posters, contact The Swanson Studio by:

      E-Mail:       JohnASwanson@sbcglobal.net
     Phone:        310-649-1210
     Or, Mail:    The Studio of John August Swanson
                        8417 Holy Cross Place
                         Los Angeles, CA 90045

Pastors, if you’d like any resources for preaching on Proposition 34, and/or in using John’s posters in conjunction with your homilies, feel free to contact me, Dan Smith, at West Hollywood UCC.  I used John’s posters and preached on both the spiritual and financial aspects offered in ending the death penalty on World Communion Sunday.


Dan Smith

West Hollywood UCC


One Response to “Nov 6th: Our Best Chance to End Capital Punishment in California!”
  1. Chris Bernstien says:

    The 729 convicted murderers on death row brutally killed at least 1,279 people. At least 230 of them were children. Another 82 victims were older than 65. Of these victims, at least 211 of them were raped and 319 of them robbed. 66 victims were killed in execution style, usually bound and shot in the back of the head. 47 victims were tortured.

    43 victims were law enforcement agents. 11 death sentences were for incarcerated inmates who murdered another inmate.

    The arguments supporting Pro. 34 are misleading & false. Prop. 34 includes provisions that make our prisons dangerous. It increases the costs to taxpayers due to life-time medical costs, increased security required, $ to pay inmates to work, etc. The amount “saved” to help fund law enforcement is negligible and only for 3 years. Prop. 34 also takes away funds inmates use to actually fight for their innocence, increasing the risk that innocent people will spend their lives in jail.

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