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Seeking Personal Testimonies and Portraits for General Synod 29 Theme

Written by Connie N. Larkman, August 14, 2012
     What is God’s vision for you, for our world? If you were asked to choose one or two words that encompass God’s vision, what would you say? Your word, your definition. Leading into next summer’s General Synod, you, your church, and your community are invited to fill in that blank. Finish this phrase. God’s Vision: ____.

     That is the theme of the United Church of Christ 29th General Synod. “God’s Vision:____.” An unfinished statement that we are looking to each of you to complete, with a word or two that describe your personal feeling.

     When the UCC gathers in California, June 28 – July 2, 2013, for General Synod we hope to fill the Long Beach Convention Center with personal testimonies and portraits of God’s Vision: people of the UCC.
     You also know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so when you send in your completed statement of God’s Vision:____, please attach a photograph that illustrates it – like this wonderful sample picture.

     When you upload your photo, please follow these guidelines:

• High-resolution photo (150 dpi or greater and typically greater than 1.0 MB)
• JPG, .TIFF or .PNG format;
• At least one face looking directly at the camera;
• On a solid background color;
• At least waist/chest-height up; and,
• Full color.

     Please send your word and photo to godsvision@ucc.org by October 31, 2012.

     Look for more information about General Synod 29 in the coming weeks.

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