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2012 Annual Gathering Report from Peppermint Ridge

Peppermint Ridge provides loving homes and empowering support services for individuals with developmental disabilities, gently guiding these special people toward greater independence and fuller community participation.

     Peppermint Ridge is one of the “Covenanted Ministries” of the Southern California Nevada Conference of the UCC.

     Peppermint Ridge began 53 years ago as a family’s response to the needs of their very special son. At the beginning it was a “mom and pop” operation. As the growing need became clear, Bob and Mary Jeffery sought to expand so more individuals could be served. First Congregational Church of Corona became involved, and connected the Jeffery family with the UCC Conference.

     For a period of time, the organization was governed by the Conference Board of Directors, and then it developed its own Board, with UCC representation. At that time the name Peppermint Ridge was bestowed. With significant assistance from UCC congregations and the Plymouth Foundation, the current campus property in Corona was developed. Fifty-four adults live in five homes on our campus. In addition, we now operate six other homes in Corona, with a total population of 96.

     Thanks to the Lanterman Act (written by Rep. Frank Lanterman, whose parents were founders of the La Canada Congregational Church) we now receive state funding for most of the services we provide. The Act provides for comprehensive, client-centered services for all individuals with intellectual disabilities. These state funds pay for about 90% of Peppermint Ridge’s operation.

     The donations we receive from individuals, churches, other organizations and grants allows us to retain our best staff members, which results in higher quality care; maintain and improve our eleven homes; and provide a program of enriching activities. In 2011, churches donated over $28,000, which was a 20% increase from 2010. We know that quite a few individual supporters are members of SCNC congregations. Three positions on the Ridge Board of Directors are reserved for UCC members, and the Executive Director, Audrey Turner, is an Ordained Ministerial Partner (Disciples/UCC).

     Our UCC relationship is part of what makes Peppermint Ridge a very special place. “No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome here.” That applies in spades to our residents, who are among this society’s last and least. Your support, both in prayer and in monetary gifts, will help insure that Peppermint Ridge will long continue to provide lives of dignity, health and happiness to our residents.

Thank you for all your help! Your support changes lives!

View the 2011 Annual Report at www.peppermintridge.org

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