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PTSD Awareness Adventure 2012: Across the US by Bike

Tom Skinner, a veteran battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, takes to the road to help other vets, biking 3800 miles from California to Vermont.

Listen Carefully!

Is that God speaking? How can we know? Recognize the truth? Dr. Hybertsen encourages us to “Listen Carefully!”

Put Yourself in the Picture: Synod 2013 Story III: An Invitation to Simply Be

Synod 2013: Why should you attend? What’s in it for you? “Satisfied customers” share the excitement of their Synod adventures. (Story III: Rev. Dave Pomeroy)

The Power of Love

David Alicea invites you to share the warm welcome of the UCC family and the word of a God who is still speaking.

From “Take Off Your Shoes” to “Hallelujah:” The Commissioning of Keith Clark

Praise to roast: Affirming “Keith Clark Kent, aka Superman” as Executive Associate Conference Minister.

UCC History, Theology & Polity Class (non-degree)

The Southern California Nevada Conference will offer UCC History, Theology & Polity in an online course. Registration is limited. Sign up now!

San Dimas UCC Food Pantry Receives $1000 Grant from the Make a Difference Fund!

San Dimas UCC Food Pantry thanks the Southern California Nevada Conference and the Make a Difference Fund for their grant of $1000.

Meditation and Contemplation as Seeds of Peace

Interfaith Ambassadors for a Parliament of the World’s Religions invites you to an afternoon of Meditation and Contemplation as Seeds of Peace Sunday, April 15, 2012 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Centro Romero …spanning borders

Welcome to the world of Centro Romero, the border ministry of the United Church of Christ (UCC) – and the debut of our quarterly newsletter, Spanning Borders.

Youth Uniting in Mission (YUM)

A one-day service project of Youth Uniting in Mission at Pilgrim Pines Camp April 14.

Mission & Money, Church Vitality 2012 Workshop, United Church of Christ of La Mesa

Preschools, financial stewardship, investment management, legacy gifts and fraud prevention: UCC and DOC speakers tackle the monetary challenges facing today’s church.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation – or the UCC Synod in Tampa, 2011

Part carnival, part reunion, part democracy in action, part think tank, part learning, part worship, part action, all UCC: Kathie Blakley shares her Synod vacation.

The Memory Foam Church

Picture a church flexible and supportive enough to embrace the needs of all who enter – or can be enticed to enter; one caring enough to give tradition an honorable retirement and open its heart its doors and its arms to the searcher, the spiritually hungry, the unchurched, the outsider.