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Spiritual Accompaniment

Rev. Dr. James D. Findlay now offers a new ministry, Spiritual Accompaniment Services.  Its current offerings include:

 Spiritual Accompaniment Support.  For clergy, lay leaders, and others committed to spiritual development.  Participants receive feedback, support, and guidance to work within themselves to deepen and enrich their spiritual lives, and to become more aware of their gifts, skills, power, and possibilities.

 Retreat Design and Leadership. Retreats designed for a range of persons, congregations, and organizations to empower participants to engage in the deepening of spiritual practice and growth.

Community Building Events. Utilizing Scripture and group exercises to heal, empower, and expand community life and interaction.

Consultation with Educational Leaders. Learning program designs, expansion of biblical knowledge, and spiritual growth activities for all ages and groups.

Spiritual Discernment. For individuals, organizations, boards, congregations.

Presentations and Discussions. Educational events for adults on biblical, theological, ecumenical, interfaith, and spiritual practice issues.

The Practice of Spiritual Reading.  A practical process of engagement with Scripture, for the clarification and deepening of the spiritual life of persons and groups, and the increased effectiveness of preaching, teaching, and ministry.

Dr. Findlay can be reached via telephone at 323-271-6422, or by e-mail at sleight_of_time@yahoo.com.  He looks forward to further collaboration with the Conference community.

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