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2011 Annual Gathering Report of the Board Chair

by Ann Feaver, Board Chair

     The report is divided into the three major areas of board responsibility – financial stewardship, people support, and planning/ policy development.   In addition to our regular meetings, conference calls, and committee responsibilities every board member provided a personal thank you to churches contributing to Our Churches Wider Mission (OCWM).

     The Santa Barbara property was sold enabling us to retire our Cornerstone Loan.  Income from that sale will begin to be reflected in the 2013 budget.

     The Mojave property was sold in an arrangement that keeps a church on that site. 
     The Church Vitality Team plan to support churches enrolled in the New Awakenings program on a sliding scale related to OCWM commitments was approved.  Five churches    are currently working on the renewal process.

     We congratulated and expressed gratitude to the Samoan Ministries Table for their introduction and support of the successful conference wide Luau fund raiser last August.  More than $27,000 was raised.  A bigger and better Luau is planned for this August.

     We thanked the Finance Development team for their work on building our support base.  They have continued to develop inventive ways to tell the positive story of SCNC.  We will see some fruits of their work at Annual Gathering.  OCWM, continues to show the work of the board thank you visits, this year aided by the Church Vitality Team, Financial Development Team, and staff
     The board forgave the loan to Pilgrim Pines, an action which changed nothing operationally as it was an internal loan.  It is our hope this step will give Pilgrim Pines a     boost in fund raising ability.  In January the board received a detailed report from the Pilgrim Pines board and commended Director June Boutwell and their board for the productive efforts to bring the camp budget into the black.
     We supported the Church Vitality Team’s budget recommendations.  In the case of Immanuel the board voted on a new grant structure for Immanuel with the goal of          increasing their ability to attain sustainable stability in the face of diminished conference resources.  

     For leadership transition the board financed a series of visioning retreats for our staff.

     The installation of our conference minister in the presence of our denominational leaders and fellow conference ministers was a joyous occasion to show the depth of talent        and commitment of the SCNC.  We thank the staff and congregation of First Church      UCC,  Long Beach for their generous hosting.

     The exciting development of the denominational/conference joint support of the position    of Associate Conference Minister for Border and Latino Ministries has brought Carlos Correa on staff with ¾ of his salary paid by Justice & Witness Ministries and ¼ by the conference making him a full-time employee for SCNC.
      The board endorsed a Volunteer Coordinator of Parish Activities pilot program in Las Vegas. We are excited by their success and willingness to help other groupings of congregations apply the concept to their geographic area.
     The search process for Honored Laywomen was revitalized. These nominees will be honored for their service at Annual Gathering.

     The calling of an associate for Border and Latino Ministries was accompanied by a new           covenant between SCNC and Justice Witness Ministries for the operation of Centro Romero.  The successful living out of this covenant will ensure the life and ministry for the center and will offer extensive opportunities for congregations in our conference to have” first hand knowledge and experience of the dynamic challenges of social issues related to immigration and international border life”, as stated in the covenant. At our meeting at Centro Romero the board voted to ask Annual Gathering participates to bring supplies to Annual Gathering for hygiene kits to be distributed in Tijuana.

     Mission grants were awarded as they trickled in.  We continue to believe this is a resource under utilized by our congregations.

     The board supported the Church Vitality Team’s restructure process as it works to fit the current needs and resources into our goal of making every church a vital developing congregation.

     We affirmed the work of the Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee and urge you  to stop at their table in the exhibit hall at Annual Gathering for more information. 

     As a Global Missions Conference we endorsed the recognition of a Global Missions Team to work with individual congregations to become Global Missions Churches.
     We received the request to support the resolution on Water Preservation and Protection   and voted to send it to Annual Gathering with the recommendation that it be discussed for a year in our local churches returning to Annual Gathering 2012 with specific guide lines for implementation and identified funding sources.

     Our final large work extended from our November- March meetings.  After careful study the board resolved  to, by example,  urge our congregations  to become Safe Churches and Healing Communities.  Board members took the training and enthusiastically recommend it to every church in our conference.  Currently there is no operational budget funding for the program but we believe that mission grants could fund local churches in need and that interested associations could help offer the training regionally so that more churches could participate.  We recommend you visit the Safe Church table in the exhibits hall and speak to Dr, Jaime Romo for additional information.

     We had a productive year.   Your cadre of faithful volunteers with the excellent guidance of our dedicated staff led us to visionary moments, insightful decisions and fiscal responsibility.  We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and invite your questions, comments or concerns.

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