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Mary Magdelene Friends

by Rev. Kathryn Obenour

     A new ministry is breaking forth in Las Vegas, Nevada!

     You have heard that Las Vegas is called “Sin City,” and so it most assuredly is.  Now, you may infer from this label that those of us who live in Las Vegas are more sinful than those of you who live in other cities.  And, maybe we are.  About that I really do not know.  I do know that every city, town, village, and rural area in the world has a significant population within it that consists of people, women, men, and children who have been abused and/or raped, physically and/or mentally.  Violence perpetrated by one human being upon another is as old as time itself.

     Judges 19-21 tells an incredible story of a very violent husband who threw his wife out of doors,  inviting violent neighbors to do with her as they willed, knowing that what they willed was to rape and assault her.

     Here in the Las Vegas area,  we are blessed with three Domestic Violence shelters, one Rape Crisis Center, and a new Rape Crisis Counseling Center.  And, these shelters are not small.  The very presence of so many shelters attests to the great violence that runs amuck in our midst. 

     Mary Magdalene and her friends came together to financially support a ministry that was introducing a message of love to be shared among all people.  The minister they supported went about teaching, preaching, and healing.  And, it was amazing how much he respected the women he encountered.

     Mary Magdalene Friends, Inc.  is a diverse group of people who have come together to try to better understand God’s will for our lives and to live out that will by reaching out to those who have been violently abused by others.  It is our intention to take our worship and Bible study to those individuals where they live.  We want to facilitate religious ceremonies, not only at our home office site, but in the very shelter where our sisters and brothers have gone to seek safe refuge.  We are inviting young college students as well as older neighbors to join us in this work.  You too can become a supporter of our efforts.  If you visit our website at:  marymagdalenefriends.org and sign-up on our “Contact Us” page, we will send you a membership application form and invite you to become a part of our ministry.  We are asking for a minimum donation of ten dollars a year.  This donation will grant you all the privileges of full membership in Mary Magdalene Friends, Inc.  If a ten dollar donation is not possible, then we ask that you pray for our ministry.  God bless you all.

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