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When Faith Storms The Public Square

Mixing Religion and Politics
through Community Organizing
to Enhance Our Democracy

Kendall Clark Baker

Publication Date – July 29, 2011

     How do we make sense of American society’s mix of religion and politics? When Faith Storms the Public Square answers that question by challenging citizens of all stripes to consider faith-based community organizing as a constructive force in building democracy. To some, the  notion of mixing religious groups and community organizing may seem a pleasing prospect, an idea long overdue. To others, it may be anathema. Like it or not, however, this blending is a reality that has been forged in streets and meeting halls day by day, from the very beginnings of our country to the present-day touchstones of President Barack Obama.

     Kendall Clark Baker has extensive experience as an organizing pastor serving an organizing congregation, collaborating with clergy and laity of many faiths to improve the quality of life for ordinary families through the democratic process of community organizing that is driven by values.

What Others Are Saying

    ” When Faith Storms the Public Square is for all those who care about faith communities, the spiritual health of ministers, or the role of religion in our democratic life.” – Professor Richard Wood, University of New Mexico, author of Faith in Action: Religion, Race, and Democratic Organizing in America

     “Kendall Baker’s book should be on seminary reading lists for those preparing for ministry.” – Phillip Straling, Bishop Emeritus, Catholic Diocese of Reno, Nevada

     “Dr. Baker provides the theoretical and practical foundations for developing programs to bring about positive community change. He shows how disparate congregations CAN unite for change.” – Rabbi Hillel Cohn, San Bernardino, California
     978-1-84694-535-9 – £12.99 – $22.95 – Circle Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd. 
     Available this summer from your favorite bookshop or online retailer.
     For more information visit www.o-books.net

To order copies for immediate delivery, contact the author: kendall.clark.baker@gmail.com

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