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What is the Social Unconscious Doing in your Congregation?

by Dr. Jaime Romo, Commissioned Minister for Healing and Healthy Environments

Ever wonder why change, particularly growth, is so difficult in your congregation?  It could be improving your music program in worship services.  It might be in a hiring process. It might be in implementing Open and Affirming or Safe Church policies and practices.  What is it about your values driven congregation that gives people such headaches or turmoil? It’s not rational. And it’s not conscious.
The social unconsciousness refers to the existence of a systemic dynamics of social and cultural arrangements which people are not aware of, yet are driven by.  People often respond to change with anxiety, which is managed in conscious and unconscious ways.  Social anxiety related to not knowing can activate all sorts of assumptions, role takings, and organizing activities that may take the members of a group, a family, an organization, or a particular nation away from the hoped for destination.  I suspect it is time for many to:

• Improve the level of satisfaction of those committed to the management of your church’s programs and your church facility.
• Recognize and manage the difference between the stated task of a group and the task it takes on.

• Learn from your church’s experiences with isolation, autonomy, affiliation, collaboration, conflict, delegation, and coalition building to improve leadership skills.

• Observe the impact on authority and power as influenced by participant characteristics such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and age.

Reserve January 28-30, 2011 and participate in a weekend experiential conference at UCLA to explore group and organizational processes.  See the attached flier that includes a great link to past participants’ reflections on the value of this conference offered to them and their church
Too busy?  This type of conference often lasts one week, but this weekend conference will give you a week’s worth of learning about leadership and followership.
Too expensive?  How expensive is it to you and others’ mental and emotional health when work projects are sabotaged and groups seem to be at war with one another?  $350.00 is a bargain. If 3 people sign up together, it will be $300.00 (contact me to coordinate). Students can register for $100.00.
Too different?  Please contact me and I will work with you to answer questions and prepare you for a powerful learning experience about leadership, followership and ‘Balancing Authority and Power in Fast Changing Societal and Natural Dynamics.’ This may prove to be a valuable resource for your congregation’s health.

Jaime Romo, Ed. D. is a Commissioned Minister for Healing and Healthy Environments.  Call 760  842- 6577 or write, jr@jaimeromo.com        http://www.jaimeromo.com

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