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Making Love To God

“Making love to God” is my definition of worship. I think it also was Jesus’ definition. He reiterated that the first and foundational commandment was to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. The word “strength” could have been translated, just as accurately, as “passion.” How often do you see churches loving God with passion?

ReInventing Church

Where are you seeing the appearances of new vision for church? As we move into this new day of being Church, the important thing to remember is that, while this feels deeply disorienting and will undoubtedly be very painful for many invested in our current structures and incarnations, we actually are living in a time of amazing hope. We are ushering in a new day in Christendom! You and I are playing a part in reinventing the Church of Jesus Christ.

Reliving The Dream

Do you remember much of what happened during your worship service on Sunday, January 15, 1961? The folks at Woodland Hills Community Church(WHCC) do. That morning, they welcomed a young preacher who was celebrating his 33rd birthday. The individual preached a sermon titled “Three Dimensions of a Complete Life”. His name? Martin Luther King, Jr.!

What is the Social Unconscious Doing in your Congregation?

Ever wonder why change, particularly growth, is so difficult in your congregation? It could be improving your music program in worship services. It might be in a hiring process. It might be in implementing Open and Affirming or Safe Church policies and practices. What is it about your values driven congregation that gives people such headaches or turmoil?

Martin Luther King, Jr. “Weekend to Remember

And this will be the day when all of God’s children, black and white, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing with new meaning – ‘Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!’”  Final sentence from Dr. King’s address “The Future of Integration” […]

InterPlay Event – January 19, 2011

Join a group of your UCC colleagues for a few hours of conversation, fellowship, and Inter-Play on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, at the San Marino Congregational UCC located at 2560 Huntington Drive in San Marino, CA 91108. It all starts at 10:00 A.M. and will conclude at 2:00 P.M.

SCNCUCC Nominating Committee Want To Hear From You

Have you ever been interested in how the Conference operates? Have you ever had questions about decisions made by the Conference Board of Directors? Have you ever wondered how the Conference budget is put together? Have you ever wondered how you could make a difference in the ministries of the Conference? Here is your chance to get answers to questions…

Annual Gathering 2011 Save The Date!

Annual Gathering 2011 will be held June 3 – 5, 2011 at Torrey Pines Christian Church (DOC)

Got Pictures? We Want ’em!

Help the Southern California Nevada Conference put together a Narrative Budget with your pictures from Conference Life!

SCNCUCC Books Close January 7, 2011

  SCNCUCC Books Will Close January 7, 2011 To have your church’s donations counted in 2010, they need to arrive at the Conference office no later than January 7, 2011.

One Size fits…Some!

Worship for a Diverse World!
January 29, 2011 at First Congregational Church, Santa Ana

A Merry Christmas at Peppermint Ridge

Help make a Merry Christmas for Peppermint Ridge!

Worship and Ministry in a Postmodern World

A workshop for Church Leaders on Understanding the Postmodern World & Mindset. January 21 9:30 – 2:30

Dancing, Singing and Tithing with Glee

“It was exciting to see our church on TV – especially center stage as part of a hit program like Glee. What was just as exciting was the congregation deciding where to tithe on the generous fee 20th Century Fox paid.”

Church Gone Bye-Bye

What would happen if Christianity, which surveys suggest is being decimated by dropouts, were itself to move under the radar, happening not in buildings but within people, where it can’t be measured?

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