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The Agape Dancers West


by Ann Pomeroy

People express themselves in movement every day.  Dance is a more organized/artistic way of using movement to express praise, prayer or message of the Spirit.  Anyone who wishes to use this form is welcome to be part of the Agape Dancers West.  Dance training is not a requirement; physical limitations not a hindrance.  Dance has been done from wheelchairs or by those with debilitated or missing limbs, so all who wish are welcome, even if rehearsal is all they want to share.

We have participated in worship since 2006 and have had many different members over the years.  Those who have been part of our program have grown in their sense of worship, physical poise and self assurance. 

During the church year the Agape dancers contribute several pieces to the services of worship.  Given that each person comes to God in his/her own way, we hope that for some we facilitate the experience.

The Ministry of the Dancer

 Yours is a share in the work of the Lord’s Spirit
Who is ever moving in our hearts and among God’s people.
You gesture with your whole self
The prayer we know in our hearts:
with us and for us you bring that prayer to living sign;
Yours is a ministry of word become flesh.
You move among us like God’s own spirit,
with beauty and strength, with fire and peace, with tenderness and power.
In all of this you lead us in the Spirit to lift our hands and hearts in praise of the living God.

 Come to your work from your personal prayer.
Come filled with the song, the word, and the silence of your prayer.
Let the dance of your own prayer overflow in prayer and movement for the assembled believers.

 Teach us to pray with our whole selves, and be patient with us when we are awkward and embarrassed.
Be gentle in leading us and our prayer and the heart and flesh from which we pray.
Remember that your ministry is a giving of self,
and that your danced prayer is a unique giving of your whole self in the God’s service.

                                                                    –  by Gabe Huck

Agape Dancers West are members of First Congregational Church, Las Vegas
Vist the website of First Congregational Church, Las Vegas Here

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