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SCNC and Local Church Ministries funds $425,000 Church Development Plan

Gary Roberts, Associate for Church Development & Renewal shares how the ground under our feet is shifting in the Church.

Intention or Intending: A Time for “Greater Works than These?”

Rev. Donna Eubanks challenges us to be intentional in doing “greater works”

They Didn’t Get the E-Mail…Thank God!

ONA Reflections by Ken Noltie, member of United Church of Christ of La Mesa

Process Theology for Simpletons (Like Me)

This article is about Process Theology for all the grad school dropouts, not-quite-high-school graduates or otherwise academically naive or disinclined among us – like me

We Used To Send Our Kids…

Neal Washburn uniquely represents both the Conference Youth and Pilgrim Pines Camp. Here he shares why Pilgrim Pines is so important to our Conference.